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FURIOUS neighbours have sparked outrage after 19 cars on their street were destroyed due to a dangerous road.

Careless drivers have wrecked 10 of James Crowley's motors and seven of next-door neighbour Andrew Griffiths' – but they claim no one will help.

A third resident of Chepstow Road, in Newport, Gerald Carter, has seen two of his vehicles totalled in accidents across the last six years.

One of which almost destroyed the 89-year-old's house when a reckless driver ploughed through his garden wall and stopped moments before smashing the front window.

On the evening of March 12, the trio were outraged after yet another crash – which damaged both James and Andrew's property.

Andrew told WalesOnline: “It’s unbelievable. We’ve lost seven cars in roughly the last ten years.

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"We lose out every time, it always costs us more money.

"Our insurance goes up even though it’s a no fault claim. We’re working class families and have worked all our lives.

"We try to get the most suitable car for us at the price we can afford but every time it ends up costing us more money."

The frustrated local said they are waiting to find out how much their latest write off will cost.

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"The majority of them we’ve ended up putting four or five grand extra down", he added.

The father-of-two believes motorists have “nodded off” after exiting the M4 at the Coldra junction, as most collisions happen at night.

He explained there is a slight bend at the Man of Gwent pub, but a straight road after – encouraging motorists to speed through the residential street.

Andrew called out for traffic calming measures, such as rumble strips or a central reservation, and claimed their cries for help are continuously ignored.

“We’ve been promised the world over a response to this and nothing ever seems to be done", he added.

“I wonder whether it’s going to take a fatality before this is taken seriously.”

It’s unbelievable. We’ve lost seven cars in roughly the last ten years. We lose out every time, it always costs us more money."

Gerald, who almost lost part of his house to the dangerous road,agreed and suggested traffic cameras.

He explained: “The last one that happened to me the car came through my garden wall, knocked the wall down and the car ended up in next to my front window.

“They ought to put cameras on the road at the pub and one further up the road because it needs to be monitored and something needs to be done.

"Someone could be killed, and then there will be a hullabaloo. Well I’m going to make a hullabaloo now.”

Furious neighbour James also expressed concerns for safety and utter dismay at the lack of help they have received.

The desperate resident said: “More and more so I am worrying about someone being hit rather than a car.

"We’ve had all sorts but it’s mainly people who fall asleep at the wheel.

“We get no compensation whatsoever. My insurance has gone up and I’ve lost a lot of money."

The fed-up car owner explained they lose around £3,000 every time there's another accident when they buy a new motor.

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Local councillors and MS John Griffiths are meeting with residents who were affected by the crashes on Friday.

In 2020 Inspector Martin Cawley for Gwent Police said the force “is continuing to monitor the situation and will take steps to resolve any issues”.

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