Voxan Wattman electric motorcycle hits 254 mph during world speed record run

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The Wattman doesn’t walk, it flies.

Electric motorcycle company Voxan has broken the record for the world’s fastest electric motorcycle and 11 more marks to go with it.


The Monaco-based builder took a partially-streamlined, 367 horsepower version of its Wattman bike to the Châteauroux Airfield in France on the weekend of Oct 31-Nov 1 and sent motorcycle racing great Max Biaggi down the runway on it.

Biaggi rode to a top peak speed of 254 mph while completing two runs in opposite directions over a flying mile that averaged out to 228 mph to set a new record, beating the previous mark of 204 mph. He then did it again without the super-sleek bodywork to set an unstreamlined record of 217 mph.


Along the way, Biaggi broke and established new records in various categories that included the standing-start quarter-mile and 1 kilometer, all certified by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).

Buoyed by the results, Voxan has now set the goal of hitting 249 mph, which is a nice round 400 kilometers per hour.

The production Voxan is limited to 203 hp.

Voxan is part of the Venturi group, which also holds the record for the world's fastest electric car at 341.4 mph, sent in 2016 in conjunction with The Ohio State University.


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