Rashida Tlaib rips 'fake a–' voter fraud claims from Michigan witnesses

Rudy Giuliani testifies in Michigan over alleged election fraud

Fox News correspondent Mark Meredith has the latest from Lansing, Mich. on ‘Special Report’

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Wednesday ripped witnesses claiming election fraud in Michigan’s presidential election last month as state lawmakers continued hearing testimony from poll watchers and others regarding the Nov. 3 vote.

“My @Twitter feed is filled with MI state reps/senators, journalists, attorneys, local clerks etc. fact checking witnesses testifying about fake a– fraud claims at #mileg committee,” Tlaib tweeted of witness hearings in front of state lawmakers this week. “Maybe Twitter should hire more Michiganders as fact checkers. We are becoming experts at it.”

Tlaib, one of the progressive "Squad" members of Congress, represents Michigan's 13th Congressional District, which covers part of Detroit, where she easily won reelection last month. 

Wayne County, which includes Detroit, is a primary focus of the Trump 2020 Campaign's election concerns in the state.

On Wednesday, President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani brought witnesses to a state House Oversight Hearing in the state, where they made allegations of voter fraud.

One witness testifying Wednesday was Melissa Carone, an IT contract worker for Dominion Voting Systems. She claimed she witnessed election fraud when ballots counts were underway.

"They were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning — counting ballots nine to 10 times, counting votes nine to 10 times," she told lawmakers, estimating that thousands of ballots were counted multiple times instead of once.

Carone also appeared Tuesday before the state Senate Oversight Committee.

“What I witnessed at the TCF Center was complete fraud,” she said, referring to a Detroit convention center where ballots were counted, according to the Washington Times. “At least 90% of those workers were all in on this. They were re-scanning, counting ballots eight to 10 times.”

She alleged she didn’t see one vote for Trump the whole 27 hours she worked.

Carone said some witness have not come forward out of fear of retribution.

“Democrats like to ruin your life,” she said, adding she’s had a hard time finding a job since agreeing to testify.

Judge Timothy Kenny of Wayne County Circuit Court, who rejected a lawsuit seeking to block certification in Wayne County, said Carone's affidavit for the lawsuit was not corroborated by any other affidavits and said her claims weren't "credible," according to the Detroit Free Press.

Trump voters gathered outside during both nights of testimony to show their support for the president. 

Jake Rollow, a spokesman for Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, said no witnesses gave "actual evidence of any wrongdoing or fraud" during Tuesday’s testimony, according to The Detroit News.

"Instead, we saw a regurgitation of vague accusations based on lack of knowledge of election procedure and widely debunked conspiracy theories," he said.

Michigan has already certified results that showed President-elect Joe Biden defeating President Trump by more than 150,000 votes in the state.

Fox News’ Caitlin McFall contributed to this report.

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