Property: The surprising features that could knock £23,000 off value of your home

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Before putting a property on the market, some Britons will make simple touch-ups or renovations. While this can sometimes increase the value, some changes may not always be beneficial.

In fact, certain household features could knock around £23,000 off the price of the house.

Homeowners can increase the value of their home by researching what potential buyers are looking for and adding it to their property.

While many buyers will want a garden, some outdoors features could stop them from parting with their cash.

Some garden features could devalue a property, according to John Graham, owner of Dwell Estate and Letting Agents.

Japanese knotweed

The weed can be expensive to remove which means many buyers will be put off by their presence.

John stated: “Japanese knotweed is the most well-known and feared of all garden problems as it can have a serious impact on a property’s value and can deter potential buyers from purchasing a home.

“A buyer can sometimes argue the price of the property down by 10 percent if the house previously had knotweed.

“Depending on the extent of the growth, it can cost between £5,000 and £20,000 to remove Knotweed yourself.”

The average property price in the UK is £237,834, as of June 2020, which means a decrease of 10 percent could be around £23,000.

A messy garden

Tidying up the garden before potential buyers pop round could save a few thousand pounds, the expert added.

He said: “Most buyers don’t want to do much work themselves, so leaving your garden unmanicured can knock one to two percent off the sale value of your home.

“Keeping your garden manicured and free of clutter is an essential part of staging, especially in cities such as London where gardens are a luxury.”

Outdated garden decor

It may seem like a small thing, but an outdated garden may encourage potential buyers to keep their offer low.

John continued: “There is an average cost of £3,950 to redo an outdated garden, which could potentially be taken off your final selling price.

“A purchaser is likely to factor in a budget to rectify this to suit their own tastes.

“Garden furniture is replaced less frequently than that inside the house, as a result, there are potential issues with it appearing outdated.”

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