President Trump's Younger Brother May Have a White House Funeral, He Says

The New York Times reported that Robert had suffered brain bleeds after a fall, but a cause of death was not made public.

The more retiring Trump in a clan defined by his older brother's real estate billions and headline-grabbing ways, Robert had been living in Long Island in recent years.

His career included a stint as an investment banker before he went to work for his brother and father, according to The Washington Post. Articles about Robert also inevitably recounted friction between him and his older brother when Robert came to work on the flailing Taj Mahal casino.

The Trumps' oldest brother, Fred Trump Jr., died in 1981 at 42 years old after years of alcoholism. (Patriarch Fred Trump Sr. died two decades ago, followed by his wife.)

Trump Jr.'s daughter, Mary Trump, went public earlier this year in a scathing memoir about the president and their family — a book which also depicted the younger Robert sometimes being tormented by his brother Donald.

Robert unsuccessfully tried to fight the tell-all in court, calling it a "disgrace."

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