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PUTTING your WiFi router at the wrong height is one of the biggest home internet mistakes you can make.

If you're constantly experiencing WiFi woes, it's time to check your router placement.

Often electrical outlets are placed near the floor, which means it can be tempting to put your router low down too.

But that's a terrible idea: you'll want to get the router nice and high in the room.

This means you'll have the best chance of spreading strong signals far and wide across your room – and connecting with your gadgets.

"We recommend you place your router five to seven feet off the ground with a clean line of sight," explains US internet provider Ritter Communications.

"Your router emits radio waves that spread out and down from their source.

"Placing your router a good distance off the ground improves the range of your signal."

Generally, it's important to get your router above many of the objects in your home that would block or dampen its signals.

So leaving it in a corner on the floor – tucked away behind objects – is a terrible idea.

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"Placing a router on the floor can dampen its performance, as the device is sending out signals that are immediately absorbed by the ground," said British internet provider PlusNet.

"Try elevating your router and placing it on a sideboard or shelf to achieve more comprehensive coverage."

It's possible to buy a mount for your router to get it nice and high.

Otherwise, you'll just have to place it on something that can elevate it.

"Place your router on a high shelf," said US internet comparison site AllConnect.

"Routers send the signal downward so the higher you place the router, the better off you’ll be.

But the rules can change if your router isn't on the ground floor of your home.

If you've got one router providing whole home coverage, it's best to just choose a central location.

"Routers send signals out in all directions so by placing it in a central location you eliminate the distance from any given device in your home and can get a better connection," AllConnect explained.

"Place it in a corner and all you’re doing is sending part of your connection to one area of your home and the other part outside.

"If you live in a two-story house, place the router closer to the ceiling on the first floor or closer to the floor on the second level to allow for best coverage."

Similarly it's important to keep your WiFi router away from other objects, especially if they're made of metal.

Giving your router the best possible "lines of sight" means you're maximizing your internet potential.

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If your iPhone, Android or computer can "see" the router, that's far better for a good internet connection.

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