‘No-go’ bathroom paint colours to avoid – makes the room feel ‘dated’

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When it comes to choosing a paint colour for this room it can be incredibly tempting to go off the common path and try something new. After all, you don’t need to worry about coordinating with furniture items. However, there are still some very important guidelines to follow. Evan Jones from Bathroom Supastore has shared four colours to “avoid” with Express.co.uk.

He said : “If you stick to the rule of one neutral colour, one rich colour and one accent colour you can use most colours in the bathroom but if you’re only thinking about using one colour then there are a few to avoid.”

Bathroom colours to avoid


The first colour Evan listed to avoid making the main colour in bathrooms is red. He noted that this colour will disrupt the therapeutic atmosphere a bathroom should have.

He said: “Red is a strong and aggressive colour that’s often associated with danger and because of this it doesn’t work in a bathroom, it’s a colour that doesn’t allow you to relax and should be avoided if you want to create a relaxing space.”


Other colours such as peach are a “no-go”, as it’s a colour that can “make your bathroom feel dated”, according to the designer. 

Instead of welcoming the homeowner it can actually make them want to exit the space and avoid it altogether.

Evan advised that if households do want to use peach in the bathroom they are better off using it on one wall, pairing it with marble tiles to keep the room feeling modern.


When painting a room, particularly bathrooms, households need to take into consideration the size. 

The bathroom designer said: “Black bathrooms when done correctly can be a major statement in the home, but they don’t work in all spaces.  

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“If you have a small bathroom with little lighting then I would avoid an all-black bathroom.  

“Black absorbs light making your room darker than it should be, making your space feel small and gloomy.”

Bright orange and yellow

For those sticking with one colour of paint, Evan said: “I would also avoid anything bright such as orange or yellow.  

“While you may think of these colours as happy colours, for me they are too energetic for a space that should be calming.”

While orange and yellow are pleasant colours in general that elicit cheeriness, they are actually colours that can overstimulate the senses.

There are some homeowners who may personally like these colours and consider them favourites. 

If this is the case, try a variation of the hues, such as pastel versions for a less stimulating experience.

Bathroom colours to choose instead 

The bathroom should be a calming space where you can go and relax after a long day and colour is a great way of creating that environment. While colours will always trend you can’t go wrong with the classics.

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Evan said: “When I think of a bathroom, I like to think of nature and use that within my colour scheme. Think of subtle and soft colours, such as oat browns, soft blues, eggshell whites and sandy hues.”

Muted colours work well with most bathrooms as they don’t overwhelm the eye and create an environment where you can relax and soak away your worries of the day.”

If subtle colours aren’t your thing then you need to keep your colour scheme simple and you should aim to pair colours together, says Evan. Good colour combinations for the bathroom include:

  • Charcoal and white
  • Pewter and ivory
  • Dusty jade and white

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