Must-know iPhone trick stops ANYONE from bypassing your lockscreen

A VIRAL TikTok video has revealed some very useful iPhone tips and there's one lockscreen trick that may just blow your mind.

The three tips include a much easier way to edit your homescreen and a very useful way to stop someone trying to bypass your lockscreen.

TikToker Isabella Avila shared the useful iPhone hacks with their 16.5million followers.

They start the video stating: "Here are some actually useful iPhone hacks that you didn't even know you needed."

The first hack is a quick trick to make organising apps on your homescreen easier.

The TikToker explains: "When I see people edit their homescreens, what I usually see is somebody grabs an app and moves it over and then they grab another app and move it over."

Avila then explains a much better way to do this.

They demonstrate how you can select an app by holding it down and then select all the other apps you want to move with it.

Make sure you keep your finger down on the original app while you click the others.

They should all pile up and then you swipe to the screen that you want to get the apps to and then drop the apps there.

The TikToker's next iPhone hack is very useful if you're worried about someone trying to go on your phone without your permission.

Avila explains: "If somebody ever takes your phone and tried to use your face to unlock the Face ID.

"All you have to do is say "Hey Siri, whose phone is this?"

"It's going to freeze it up forcing you to use the password."

The TikToker's final tip is a way to make your iPhone louder.

Open your Settings and click 'Music', 'EQ' and then 'Late Night'.

Avila explains: "This works by making loud sounds quiet and amplifying quiet sounds."

The TikToker says this will make your audio "sound a lot better".

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