‘Is this real?’ Britons targeted by Royal Mail text and email fraud – how to avoid scams

Money Box: Man discusses how he became victim of a scam

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Thanks to social media, people across the country are able to notify both Royal Mail and the Post Office about potential scam threats. Either through text or email, innocent Britons receive a message which is believed to be either from the Post Office or Royal Mail notifying them that a package had been attempted to be delivered. However, many people who get these messages did not originally send for any package beforehand.

On top of this, the emails and texts ask the recipient to click on a questionable online link in order to register and pick up the package.

One Twitter user named Matthew Davies tagged the Royal Mail’s help desk on the platform to inquire about a form of communication he received.

Mr Davies received a text message which was apparently notifying him of an undelivered parcel which he was unaware of.

The late night text stated: “Post Office: We attempted to deliver your package today please visit.”

At the end of a message, a link was attached which inquired more about more information from the recipient.

In his public message, Mr Davies said: “@RoyalMailHelp is this a scam? It was sent at 00:57 this morning @PostOffice.”

Responding to the post on Twitter, both the Royal Mail’s help desk and the Post Office notified Mr Davies that he was being targeted by fraudsters.

The Post Office stated: “Hi Matthew, this is a known scam and we recommend reporting it right away.

“We’re already working with authorities on these.

“We would never contact you about a delivery, as this would be from Royal Mail only, and would generally be in the form of a card through your letterbox.”

The Royal Mail stated: “This message hasn’t been sent by us. It looks to be a scam message.

“However, as it mentions Post Office rather than Royal Mail, we’d recommend informing @PostOffice about it as we’re different companies.”

However, the Royal Mail has also been used as a front by fraudsters to scam innocent people of their hard earned cash.

Another Twitter user named Gareth Molyneux tagged the Royal Mail with an unusual message he received from a scam artist.

The text read: “Your parcel is being held due to unpaid £1.99 shipping costs.

“Pay your fees now otherwise your parcel may be returned.”

In response, the Royal Mail stated: “This isn’t one of our messages.

“We recently launched our Stamp Out Scams campaign to help customers determine genuine calls, texts and emails from ones that aren’t.”

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