Frustrated homeowner unleashes revenge on cars for crossing his drive – 'ROCK CAM' footage divides viewers | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED homeowner unleashes revenge on cars for crossing his drive – and people are divided as to whether his actions are fair.

The frustrated homeowner was tired of people turning around in his driveway, so he decided to place a rock to prevent drivers from doing so.

TikTok user @markcparanormal has recorded several cars crashing into the rock.

One video shows the moment a Volkswagen Golf hits the rock placed at the end of the driveway.

Seconds later, the driver gets out of the car and discovers that the bumper of his car had been damaged.

But, this isn't the only motorist who has suffered this "petty revenge", as the poster has several videos of cars crashing into the rock on his TikTok profile.


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In another video, a red Vauxhall Astra smacks the same rock and damages its bumper.

But, the driver didn't bother getting out of the car to check on his car and just drove off.

The poster also recorded a delivery van colliding with the rock, but in this case, the vehicle doesn't appear to be too badly affected.

The videos have gone viral on social media – with one gaining more than 730,000 views.

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Shockingly, most users agree with the poster and think the rock is a fantastic idea.

One said: "Great way to stop people driving over the end of your drive."

Another said: "The way I see it is imagining a small child playing on the floor and that driver chooses not to look. Fair play. It should teach them a lesson."

A third pointed out: "Anyone defending the car needs to think about how they have all that space on the road to turn and yet still bump up onto someone else’s drive."

However, a few users believe that he shouldn't have placed a rock there because drivers may have to pay a significant amount of money for repairs.

One said: "Times are hard, and to some, this is a devastating cost. This was not nice to see."

Another said: "Looks to me like it’s a known hazard, and you are liable for damages.."

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