‘Fantastic’ solution to banish bathroom mould ‘in minutes’

‘Game changing’ hack to cure damp, mould and condensation

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A recent study by Utilita Energy concluded that over a fifth of homes in the UK suffer from some form of mould growth. Bathrooms are one of the rooms in the home which is most commonly affected, due to the humid environment.

Though prevention is one of the main pillars of putting a stop to bathroom mould, cleaning expert Laura Mountford has a “fantastic” product recommendation that she says can get rid of mould with just a little bit of scrubbing.

Laura runs the Instagram page @lauracleanaholic and is also the author of Live, Laugh, Laundry. Speaking to Express.co.uk, she said: “The Astonish Mould and Mildew Apple Burst Blaster is a fantastic product to remove mould and mildew. Simply spritz and scrub.”

According to Astonish, who developed the cleaning product, the spray is able to “blast away mould and mildew stains in minutes without the need for scrubbing”. However, unlike some other mould cleaning products, the spray leaves behind the scent of “apple burst” rather than a strong chemical odour.

The spray is also reasonably purse-friendly, retailing for £1.50. The spray has been hailed on TikTok, with homeowners showing how they manage to get rid of mould from tiles and grout with the help of the spray.

TikTok creator @sisterpledgecleans, who shares cleaning tips and tricks, showed how she used the Astonish spray with some rolled-up toilet paper to remove mould from her bathroom grout.

She explained: “Use this hack to remove mould and mildew from your grouting. Stick toilet roll to the grouting and saturate with product to make it stick. Leave it overnight and then remove.”

For stubborn patches of mould in the bathroom, Laura added: “Use an electric cleaning brush to clean the hard-to-reach areas, between grout and corners where mould can easily develop.”

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Astonish say that the mould and mildew spray can also be used to tackle spores which develop on walls, window sills and window frames. In a video posted to the Astonish TikTok page, the brand showed how the spritz gets to work in just “two minutes” on walls.

“So simple but oh so effective,” they wrote in the video caption. They offer three simple instructions: Spray, “wait two minutes” and then “wipe with a cloth”.

However, if you notice a recurring mould issue in your bathroom, Laura points out that this could be down to a lack of ventilation.

“Prevent mould growth in the bathroom by regularly opening the window, even for just ten minutes to allow excess moisture to escape and for fresh air to circulate the room,” she told Express.co.uk. “An extractor fan will help with air circulation so it is worth having one to use when you have a hot shower.”

How to clean mould using natural products

However, if you prefer not to use chemical cleaners, an Australian mum claims to have found an all-natural solution to cleaning mould in the bathroom.

“This DIY has been my go-to for a while – not only does it remove the mould but it helps kill the spores which prevents it coming back for longer,” said Chantel Mila, the mum-of-two behind Instagram page @mama_mila_au.

For this hack, Chantel uses a combination of essential oils and white vinegar to create a mould-busting spritz. The acidity of white vinegar is the key component in killing some forms of mould.

Chantel adds “one cup of mild vinegar” to a spray bottle, as well as “20 drops of clove oil”.

She recommends spraying the area and allowing “20 minutes” for the spray to “do the hard work.”

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