Drivers could be fined up to £2,500 for parking outside their house in lockdown

DRIVERS could be fined up to £2,500 for parking outside their homes during lockdown.

Motorists hoping to save money while they're stuck at home have started to cancel their insurance.

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But doing so could turn out to be illegal – with anyone caught out forced to pay a fine of up to £2,500 or have their car seized.

USwitch says having a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) is fine in a private parking space – such as off-street parking.

But it is against the law to do so when parking on the street outside your home.

Spokesperson Florence Codjoe said: "“It may be tempting to cancel your insurance if you’re not using your car this month.

“However, it’s a legal requirement to have insurance if your vehicle is parked on the road, even if it isn’t being used.

"If you have off-street parking or a private parking space, you can inform the DVLA with a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN).

“A SORN means your vehicle is declared officially off-road. You can’t drive it anywhere, but you won’t have to pay road tax and you can cancel your insurance.”

The number of motorists applying for SORNs surged under the first lockdown in March.

This has led to calls for anyone who declared their car as off the road to not use their vehicles now as SORNs never expire.

Anyone caught will be slapped with a £300 fixed penalty and six penalty points on their licence.

The only time it's possible to drive a SORN car is to or from a pre-booked MOT or other testing appointment.

Around 3,000 British road users are issued warnings for this offence every day.

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