Dan Bongino sounds off on the America's declining freedom

Dan Bongino: Fighting to preserve freedom in America

‘Unfiltered’ host reveals to viewers what countries that aren’t free look like

‘Unfiltered’ host Dan Bongino sounded off Saturday on what he perceives as the declining freedom Americans face but said that the best weapon against the “anti-freedom warriors and cancel culture,” are “all of the Paul Reveres out there.”

DAN BONGINO: So if the country, and other free countries around the world, are still free, are you free to post information on social media? You should be able to do that, right? Well, the Biden administration clearly doesn’t think so. Because they’re trying to crush free speech right here, right now, and they’ve shifted their target – did you catch it – from “disinformation” (dreaded air quotes) to “misinformation.” 

You can’t be free, by the way, without a free and honest press. Not happening here, no time soon. Isn’t it ironic, that the media, the media mouthpieces here, they’re becoming the useful idiots to the war on free speech as they move the goalpost on what free speech actually is? The media, protected by the Bill of Rights themselves, in a war on free speech. They’re the useful idiots. 

But the best weapon against all of this – the anti-freedom warriors and cancel culture – are all of the Paul Reveres out there. You’re out there, you know who you are. As a friend once told me, and it resonated with me to this day: You’re all the leaders we’ve been waiting for. 


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