Adin Ross in Twitch meltdown as fans rate sister Naomi’s boobs after lookalike is spotted in Tekashi 6ix9ine video

TWITCH streamer Aidn Ross has set the record straight about whether or not his sister Naomi was seen hanging with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

But when his followers started commenting on the appearance of his Naomi's breasts – he was lost his temper while demanding some respect.

The YouTuber was forced to backtrack after thinking he had spotted Naomi in the back of a video posted by the hip hop artist.

Naomi is almost as active online as her brother Adin- she also streams on twitch, has a YouTube channel and regularly posts on her Instagram account.

While watching a video of 6ix9ine, Adin spotted a young woman dressed in a white tank in the background – and thought it was Naomi.

He said: "Wait, wait why is my sister with Tekashi? Oh hell no! Oh f*ck no!"

Adin, who lives in California, reacted to the clip live on his Twitch platform where he has more than five million followers.

During another livestream, he corrected the mistaken identity error, claiming that it was not his sister seen in the background.

He said: "I'm going to confirm with you guys real quick, there's a lot of people posting that my sister is dating Tekashi 6ix9ine, that's not my sister bro.

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"I thought it was, it was the quality of the video, that's not my sister, okay?"

He reiterates the mix-up, repeating the same statements over and over.

But as he continues to explain the error, Adin becomes more animated, at one point seemingly yelling to the camera: "My sister is not dating 6ix9ine, they have never linked, they have never met."

In grotesque fashion, he responds to claims that his sister is intimately involved with the music artist.

Adin then watches back the original clip, where he thinks he saw his sister and proceeds to read some of the comments.

The 21-year-old then sees reactions referring to his sister's boobs and addresses some of them.

He said: "Ya'll are saying 'we could tell by her tits', 'the boobs are too small', 'her tits are nicer'.

"Alright, I'm going to be honest with you guys bro, if you guys are going to just sit here and be genuinely disrespectful like that, I'll end stream today.

Clearly upset, he tells followers: "I'm not having that today, bro. I'm not having that bro."

He says the whole chat was "spamming that" and asks others to "have some f***ing manners" before launching into a mini meltdown.

He tells those watching: "I genuinely hope you guys wake up tomorrow with no legs".

It's all downhill from there, ditching his own mild manners and launching into a more aggressive persona, swearing and raising his voice.

Without any filter, he says: "I genuinely hope you guys have the worst 2022" before saying the will "beat the f*** out of anyone who says anything to him.

He yells: "I swear to God I will, I will literally beat the f*** out of you… on my soul, on my f***ing life… f*** you. I'm a grown a** f***ing man bro."

Adin bizarrely doesn't move off the topic, but reclines back into his seat, sipping on some water while replaying the same clip yet AGAIN for more commentary.

Unsurprisingly, Adin was seen siding with JiDion after his recent banning on Twitch over drama with Pokimane.

In a simpler time, gaming was built on the foundation of people coming together to have fun in the name of healthy competition.

But these days, streamers who stand to make big bucks from platforms like Twitch and YouTube can enter into a toxic world of sexism, racism and 'hate raids' as they fight for views and popularity.

These distracting side-line antics are so far detached from the actual playing of any video game but the popularity battles, commentary and visual appeal is all part of how someone climbs the virtual ladder.

Adin was banned from Twitch in July, 2021, after violating the streaming platform's terms of use.

It was lifted on several days later following an uproar from followers.

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