Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: What you are told entering quarantine

A Covid-19 positive person currently at Jet Park hotel in south Auckland outlines what happens when entering quarantine.

Arriving at Jet Park in the back of a van, through a cordon of security personnel and a small but visible military presence, you’re under no illusion that you have arrived at a quarantine facility.

But even before you drive through the gates of the Mangere-based premises that up until last year housed travellers, you have a fair idea this is a place you are not allowed to roam as if you were a paying guest.

In an email about your stay sent well before you are picked up by a designated driver in full protection wear, you are instructed to “Stay in your room as much as possible. Do not invite people to your room or visit other people or family members in their hotel rooms”. and “When outside your hotel room wear a mask at all times, use hand sanitiser and keep two metres away from others.”

The walk from the van to your room is a very lonely and sterile one. You are made to sanitise your hands twice and even the lift button to your floor is pressed for you. Once in your room you are briefed from the doorway by a staff member as you sit and listen on the far side. You are again instructed not to leave your room without permission, and likewise to not visit other rooms or let people into your own.

Meals, housekeeping items, and packages are left at your door which isn’t to be opened without both a mask and your windows closed. A message on your door reminds you of this. In the case that you do leave the room, you are accompanied by a staff member in full PPE keeping a distance of two metres from each other. I have been here more than a week and haven’t left my room.

You are given a theme park-style bracelet with your room number on, which is to be worn at all times.

On the occasion you are visited by staff for health checks taken in the doorway, they are dressed in full PPE.

In the event of a fire you are to wear a facemask and remain socially distanced as you leave the building. You are warned if you don’t do this you may have your stay in quarantine extended.This information is written in brochures attached to your mask packages and again on the door to your room.

Any contact with staff for anything you need is done by phone with various codes laid out clearly next to your landline.

For anyone with Covid it can’t be clearer – stay in your room, only leave your room for exercise or in an emergency, and keep your bubble intact.

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