People are just realising their Wi-Fi is made WORSE by 'hidden signal killer' – move it now for a speed upgrade | The Sun

THERE are all sorts of objects that can mess with your Wi-Fi connection. But little do most people realise the culprit for their internet woes may be lurking beneath their feet. We've already heard how things like your microwave and TV can have an impact. And now it's emerged that underfloor heating could be causing havoc too. It's all because […]

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Warning over electric cars as they could cause MORE potholes | The Sun

ELECTRIC cars could cause more pothole misery for drivers, an industry body has warned. Smaller roads – such as the ones outside most British homes – will crumble under the weight of heavier electric vehicles, road material suppliers say. This comes after numerous experts raised concerns about the capacity of the current road infrastructure to handle the increase inEVs. Unclassified roads, […]

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