US Coronavirus Death Toll Crosses 84,000

As the rate of coronavirus-related death and infection continue to rise in the United States, the total death toll crossed 84,000.

With 1749 more people reported dead in the last 24 hours, the total death toll in the country reached 84136. An additional 20,800 new cases took the total number of infections to 1,390,764, as of John Hopkins’ 7:45 a.m. ET update on Thursday.

New York, which is the epicenter of the country’s outbreak, has reported 340,661 confirmed cases and 27,477 deaths so far. When adjusted for population, that translates to roughly 1,751 known cases and 141 deaths for every 100,000 residents in the state, a CNN report says.

This is higher than the total numbers in both categories reported in Spain, the world’s third worst affected country.

16 states have reported more than 1000 deaths due to the deadly virus in the U.S.

New Jersey (9714 deaths and 141560 infections), Michigan (4714 deaths, 48391 infections), Massachusetts (5315 deaths and 80497 infections), Louisiana (2381 deaths, 32662 infections), Illinois (3792 death, 84694 infections), Pennsylvania (4094 deaths, 62101 infections), California (2974 deaths, 73144 infections) Connecticut (3125 deaths, 34855 infections) Texas (1172 deaths, 43020 infections), Georgia (1517 deaths, 35427 infections), Maryland (1809 deaths, 34812 infections), Florida (1827 deaths, 42402), Indiana (1619 deaths, 25473 infections) Ohio (1483 deaths, 25721 infections) and Colorado (1062 deaths, 20475) infections are the worst-affected states.

In an important development in the country, the supreme court of Wisconsin overturned a lockdown order issued by the state’s democratic governor to stem the spread of coronavirus. Justice Daniel Kelly compared the stay-at-home restrictions imposed by Governor Tony Evers to a “prison regime”.

“This comprehensive claim to control virtually every aspect of a person’s life is something we normally associate with a prison, not a free society governed by the rule of law,” the conservative judge wrote.

A 4 – 3 ruling reversed the state governor’s order to extend the lockdown to May 26.

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