Unsolved Murder of D.C. Attorney Robert Wone Explored In Audible Podcast From AYR Media

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon’s Audible is launching a podcast documentary series about the unsolved murder of Washington D.C. attorney Robert Wone.

AYR Media, founded by veteran producer and development executive Aliza Rosen, is producing eight-part series The Murder of Robert Wone as part of its overall deal with the audio service.

The series, which launches on September 23, is narrated by writer and true crime junkie H. Alan Scott and executive produced by Rosen.

On August 2, 2006, when EMTs and police arrive at a townhouse in D.C.’s affluent Dupont Circle neighborhood, they walk into an eerie scene. Three men in white bathrobes – prominent D.C. attorney and LGBTQ activist Joseph Price; his partner, marketing executive Victor Zaborsky; and a third man involved in their relationship, Dylan Ward – sit calmly together, all appearing to be freshly showered. Their visitor for the evening, a close friend named Robert Wone – who is straight, newly married and not part of the aforementioned relationship – lies stabbed to death in their guest bedroom. A knife, allegedly used to kill Wone, is on the nightstand. The bedsheets beneath him are bizarrely clean.

All three robe-clad residents claim an intruder broke into their townhouse, took one of their kitchen knives, went upstairs, stabbed Wone to death, and then ran off without stealing any valuables from Wone or their home. The investigation that follows sparks questions of sexual assault and uncovers evidence of BDSM.

In 2006, at a time when gay marriage is illegal and polyamory is taboo, the intimate details of Price, Zaborsky and Ward’s relationship dominate headlines for weeks, as law enforcement, the media and the general public perpetuate a social stigma that may have skewed the investigation and prevented justice from being served.

“This is the type of case that the term ‘stranger than fiction’ was created for,” said Rosen. “The setting and characters couldn’t be more striking, and at every turn the story gets weirder, and the stakes get higher, while the investigation becomes more opaque. It’s a cold case that deserves more attention, and Robert Wone’s family deserves answers. We look forward to bringing it to Audible.”

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