Summitt Labs Recalls Kore Organic Watermelon CBD Oil

Summitt Labs voluntarily recalled one lot of Kore Organic Watermelon CBD oil tincture to the consumer level after the product was found to contain high levels of lead.

Ingestion of the oil tincture containing lead could result in high lead exposure and acute lead poisoning.

The company issued the nationwide recall for Batch#730 Lot#K018 of the Kore organic watermelon CBD oil tincture. The product is packaged in 30 ml bottles, which could come in 9 count displays in Kraft paper packaging.

Summitt Labs is a licensed facility under the Florida Department of Food and Agriculture and Consumer Services to produce products containing cannabidiol or CBD, even though CBD is not considered by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to be a legal drug or dietary supplement.

The company made the recall after a random sample tested by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services found the product contained lead levels at 4.7 ppm or parts per million.

The product was distributed nationwide by wholesalers Nirvana Kulture and North East Rally, samples by sales personnel, tradeshow samples, and by Summitt Labs.

According to the Florida Department of Health, acute lead poisoning could result in symptoms such as pain, muscle weakness, diarrhea, symptoms associated with encephalitis, metallic taste in the mouth, hemolysis and kidney damage.

Summitt Labs has not received a complaint or report of any adverse effect from the use of the recalled product.

The company is notifying its distributors and customers to ensure the return of all recalled product. Consumers in possession of the product should return it to the place of purchase for a full monetary refund.

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