Pete Buttigieg Signs With CAA And Brillstein Entertainment Partners

EXCLUSIVE: Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has signed with CAA and Brillstein Entertainment Partners, which will work with him to amplify his series of public policy initiatives.

CAA and Brillstein represented Buttigieg in the deal for his next book, Trust: America’s Best Chance, which he announced on Wednesday. It will be published by Liveright Publishing on Oct. 6.

After his presidential campaign, Buttigieg formed a group called Win the Era, focusing on supporting and endorsing down ballot candidates and the next generation of leaders, with some emphasis on contenders in typically conservative areas.

CAA represents a number of political figures, and signed Andrew Yang and his wife, Evelyn, shortly after he dropped out of the race in February.

Buttigieg, who became an entertainment industry favorite in the lead up to the 2020 primary season, won the most delegates in the Iowa caucuses, and came in second to Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary. But he dropped out of the race shortly before Super Tuesday, a move that helped consolidate support in favor of the eventual winner of the Democratic nomination, Joe Biden.

After he dropped out, Buttigieg went on to guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Buttigieg’s memoir, Shortest Way Home, was a New York Times best seller, as he recounted his experiences as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, serving in Afghanistan and coming out publicly.

In announcing his next book, Buttigieg said, “Now is a time to consider the foundational role trust plays in our democracy, and what it will take to build the trust we’ll need to recover and to advance as a country.” 

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