Union Mill

1500 Union Avenue, Baltimore , Maryland

1. Project Overview.

This project entailed the historic restoration, renovation and rebirth of Maryland's largest stone mill, originally known as Druid Mill (now known as "Union Mill"), into an active and vibrant mixed-use residential and commercial development focused on those individuals and organizations doing some of Baltimore's most important work. Located in Baltimore's historic Hampden-Woodberry community, the site consists of approximately 4 acres of former industrial land adjacent to the Jones Falls floodway. By 1872 Union Mill was the largest stone mill in the state of Maryland and the largest manufacturer of cotton duck in the United States. After weaving operations ceased the facility was used by a series of companies for light manufacturing before its acquisition by LifeLike Products in the 1960s where the facility was used for nearly fifty years as a manufacturing plant for model railroad accessories. Completed in January 2012, the target tenants for the Project are non-profit organizations and individuals that are bringing valuable resources, services and outcomes to Baltimore. The building features 56 one and two bedroom apartment units designed for teachers new to Baltimore and over 30,000 square feet of office space for non-profit organizations underpinning Baltimore's health and human service needs. In addition to creating jobs, the building's ability to provide organizations and individuals with smart, environmentally sound space to live and work allows them to focus on what they do best. The collaboration of likeminded people all in one building encourages positive thought and creative ideas that will make our city a better place.

Marks, Thomas Architects,
1414 Key Highway, Baltimore, Maryland

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