Target Field, Minnesota Twins Ballpark

One Twins Way, Minneapolis, Minnesota

A project like Target Field is a great economic catalyst. There is an immediate surge in economic development for venues that complement the baseball park. In the long term, more businesses are attracted to the area, which results in more residents coming to the area to work, play and even live - a home run!

Rosanne Allbright
Brownfields Project Manager Office of Environmental Programs City of Phoenix

1. Please provide a brief overview of the project.

Formerly a stagnant parking lot, this site has now been transformed into one of the most accessible sports facilities in all of American sports. Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, sits at the convergence point of the Hiawatha Light Rail Transit, the Northstar commuter rail line, the Cedar Lake Bike Trail, and Interstates 394 and I-94. This spring, Minnesota Twins fans celebrated the April 12th season opener in their new home: a one-million-square-foot, 40,000-seat, open-air ballpark. Sitting on an 8-acre site on the north edge of downtown Minneapolis, the ballpark features superior baseball sight lines from every seat and captures spectacular views of the Minneapolis skyline. Construction of the new ballpark completed December 22, 2009, finishing more than two months ahead of the planned completion date.

Mortenson Construction,
700 Meadow Lane North, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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