Ranson-Charles Town Commerce Corridor Project

Multiple Addresses, Ranson & Charles Town, West Virginia

1. Project Overview

The driving goal of the project was to promote a community-based initiative to address brownfields blight in two small, adjacent rural communities with combined populations of around 10,000 people that would create positive cultural, economic and environmental benefits in line with the overall communities land use planning and quality of life goals. The two communities downtown areas were linked by a 1.5-mile corridor separated by a railroad crossing with multiple brownfield sites located along this corridor that was dubbed the Commerce Corridor. The brownfields situated along the Corridor - a main roadway through the communities that both community government offices are situated on - included the former Veiner Metal Salvage Yard, a former Industrial Park, and several other brownfield sites that were not only severe eyesores and suspected to be contaminated, but abandoned and vacant following the closure of several industries. The total completed redevelopment of the Salvage Yard and Industrial Park is a little over 10-acres with the majority of the acreage located in Charles Town.

The former Veiner Metal Salvage Yard was used for over a century for metal disposal and recycling, and following closure sat idle for several decades. The former Industrial Park that spans both cities and included ABC Warehousing and several Dixie- Narco/Maytag facilities closed unexpectedly in the late 1989 resulting in a loss of over 800 community jobs.

The Salvage Yard and the majority of the Industrial Park have been redeveloped by the American Public University System (APUS) as the A{PUS Academic Center (LEED-gold), Financial Center (LEED-silver) and the largest Solar Array (covered parking lot) in West Virginia. A former Maytag Spray Painting building that was also part of the Industrial Park and adjacent to the Solar Array Parking Lot was repurposed by the City of Ranson as the Ranson Civic Center - a facility utilized by both communities for public events.

Both projects were completed in 2011.

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