Ludlow Mills Preservation and Redevelopment - HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Western Massachusetts

222 State Street, Ludlow, Massachusetts

1. Project overview

Constructed between the 1870's and the 1920's, most of the historic rope mill buildings located along State Street and the Chicopee River were built by the Ludlow Manufacturing when operations were at its peak. The site is part of the Ludlow Mills Mixed Use District and considered the largest brownfield site under redevelopment in Massachusetts.

This close knit community of Ludlow and its rich industrial history is reflected in its architecture and downtown district. Over the years HealthSouth Rehabilitation has become an integral part of that neighborhood and for many recovering from various health issues, a place to reclaim their independence and ability to return to work. As the demand for rehabilitation services continued to grow, HealthSouth was facing the real need to expand and modernize its existing hospital. The Ludlow Mills Brownfield Redevelopment project presented an opportunity to provide a new state of the art rehabilitation hospital while helping to sustain part of the town's history, and rehabilitate the nearby Ludlow Mills site and its abandoned stock houses which were original used for rope production.

GS&P; was asked to design this new rehabilitation hospital with sustainability as one of its principal objectives, resulting in HealthSouth achieving its first LEED Gold Certification hospital. The selected 9.267 acre site is the first portion of the overall brownfield site to be developed in the Ludlow Mills Mixed Use District. The 74,156 sf, replacement hospital consists of 70 all private beds and a comprehensive therapy program. The prototype facility consists of Therapy Gyms, Occupational Therapy, Active Daily Living suite, Outdoor Therapy Garden, Dining hall, Kitchen, two Nursing Units with support services, Day Room spaces, Pharmacy, and Speech Therapy.

The project was completed and certificate of occupancy issued on November 7, 2013 and has gone on to become a model that is influencing other HealthSouth facilities across the country.

Gresham Smith and Partners on behalf of HealthSouth Corporation,
3595 Grandview Parkway, Suite 300, Birmingham, Alabama

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