Historic Fourth Ward Park

554 North Angier Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia

1. Project Overview

Opened in June 2011, the 17-acre Historic Fourth Ward Park transformed a barren, contaminated site north of Martin Luther King, Jr's birthplace in Atlanta into a vision for sustainable redevelopment. Formerly a light industrial and trucking lot, flood protection and stormwater overflow solutions are disguised through artistic park features celebrating water.

Economic redevelopment has been jumpstarted by additional park amenities such as flowing walkways and a city greensward; a splashpad and playground; a recirculating stream and wildflower meadows; a multi-use field; and Atlanta’s first skatepark. The final product is a park that reduces energy use, contributes to vital ecological processes and is maintained in an environmentally responsible way. The design principles of Historic Fourth Ward Park provide a successful template of land use, greenspace and sustainable development for the entire Atlanta BeltLine.

The majority of the parcels comprising Historic Fourth Ward Park had been vacant for 20 years or more, a fact largely attributed to urban sprawl and the relocation of light industrial sites to areas along the interstate system. The only remaining uses on the properties were vehicle storage for Georgia Power, a warehouse, and a former warehouse that had been converted into a church.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.,
86 Pryor St SE, Atlanta, Georgia

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