Guthrie Green

111 East Brady Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

1. Project Overview.

Goal: "The goal of these investments is to create a family-friendly community gathering space with emphasis on the arts," said Ken Levit, executive director of George Kaiser Family Foundation. "The inclusion of a geothermal field will provide environmentally-friendly energy to these buildings."

Location & Size: The Guthrie Green project includes the transformation of a 2.7-acre brownfield into a dynamic green community park with gardens, interactive fountains, an outdoor stage with vine-covered 'green rooms', a multi-purpose lawn for performances and festivals, and a cafe pavilion. The park is located at 111 E. Brady St., within a square block of Tulsa's historic Brady Arts District. It delivers special events, activities and music that showcase a diverse combination of local, regional and national acts.

The park is green down under too. Beneath the feet of park goers geothermal ground-source wells quietly work reducing energy costs for the park's cafe and pavilion and the adjacent recently renovated historic warehouse structure. The innovative ground-source heat pump energy system includes 120 wells drilled to 500-foot depths. The wells provide 600 tons of heating and cooling, which is distributed via underground pipes, to the buildings they serve.

Former Use of the Site: The site was previously the home to a variety of industrial and commercial uses including Vinson Supply, DX, and, most recently, Central Freight.

Schedule & Opening Date: The George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKKF) purchased the property in 2007. The vision for the site was for a green, central gathering space for The Brady Arts District. In 2010, the plans for the park were unveiled. Guthrie Green celebrated its opening with a three-day festival beginning September 7th, 2012.

End Use: In less than a year, the Guthrie Green has become the place to be. The Guthrie Green hosts live music and activities, which are free to the community. The GKFF has developed a park that is accessible to everyone in the community. There are no cost barriers to participate.

In the warmer months, free fitness classes, including tai chi, boot camp, and yoga are held on weekdays on the lawn. Thursday night is free movie night. Mommy & Me classes on Saturdays. Free live music concerts are held each Sunday. The park has also become home to several festivals and live performing arts programs, like Shakespeare in the Park. "Food Truck Wednesday" has become a phenomena for downtowners at lunch. 

Guthrie Green Sunday Market promotes strong community and local business in the heart of the Brady Arts District by providing a unique space for Tulsans to congregate, shop, and enjoy downtown's newest urban park. The Sunday Market offers eclectic and interesting food and goods; everything from locally grown produce to gourmet food trucks to handmade soaps.

Park goers can visit the cafe, Lucky's on the Green, which features a unique variety of international flavors. Lucky's serves lunch, dinner and confections during regular park hours and special events.

Guthrie Green was designed with the performing arts in mind. After consulting with local performing arts presenters, GKFF worked with architects Kinslow, Keith and Todd and theatre designers Schuler Shook to design a park that met the needs of local and touring performing artists. The stage and the technical infrastructure were designed with both the needs of performers and the comfort of park visitors in mind. The stage canopy is prewired for lighting and sound and is permanently wired to a front-of-house position on the lawn.

Performing arts events at Guthrie Green are presented through a partnership with Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust (TPACT). TPACT brings decades of experience in presenting music, theatre and performing arts to the public at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. At Guthrie Green, TPACT will work with other local producing and presenting organizations to provide a series of free music, theater and film events to the Tulsa community.

"The George Kaiser Family Foundation has transformed an area in the Brady Arts District to a community gathering space that will continue to foster the arts in our community," said Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett. "Guthrie Green is a wonderful addition to downtown Tulsa and will complement the many new developments in the Brady Arts District."

Guthrie Green website:

The project owner is the George Kaiser Family Foundation ( ). George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) is a charitable organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Type I 509(a)3 supporting organization of the Tulsa Community Foundation, dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through investments in early childhood education, community health, social services and civic enhancement.

Manhattan Construction Company ( ) was the construction manager for the project. Kinslow Keith & Todd ( ) was the architect. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality ( ) provided funding for remediation and oversaw the remediation documentation process. The project received a $2,580,000 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Energy Demand Reduction grant from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and a $200,000 ARRA petroleum sub-grand from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Brownfield Program.

Other Awards, Honors and Mentions:

  • Manhattan Construction was honored with the 2012 ABC Excellence in Construction Award for the construction of the Guthrie Green.
  • Guthrie Green was named by Oklahoma Magazine as a "Personal Favorite" in their top Points of Interest listing.
  • Guthrie Green in Arch Paper today!
  • Guthrie Green in Inhabitat

Manhattan Construction Company / Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality,
5601 S. 122nd East Avenue / 707 N. Robinson P.O. Box 1677, Tulsa / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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