Elven Sted

631 8th Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin

1. Project Overview

Goal: The initial focus of the Elven Sted project was on creating a state of the art housing development that was sustainable, affordable and accessible to households that include family members with disabilities. The project was designed to help working families by providing very affordable rents in a central Stoughton location which provided easy access a full range of community services and employment within walking distance. The nonprofit developer, Movin' Out Inc, sought to create a community that would draw in a mix of working families and those with disabilities while at the same time creating an attractive and environmentally sustainable living environment on a former industrial site.

Location: Elven Sted is located in Stoughton, WI, a community of 12,000 about 15 miles south of Madison. Stoughton is a historically Norwegian community that prides itself on its colorful cultural past. In reference to this strong tradition, Elven Sted (which means "river home place" in Norwegian) was built in the style of historic Scandinavian architecture, integrating gorgeous European row house design with handicapped-accessible layouts. The development is situated on the banks of the Yahara River.

Approximate size: 2.5 acres

Former use: The site was formerly a storage site for Stoughton Trailers, a major semi truck trailer manufacturer located in the community. Before redevelopment, the site was littered with rusted-out trailers and other industrial waste; there was also a strong presence of toxic chemicals on the surface and in the ground. Over the years, the site had fallen into disrepair, and because of cuts in production at Stoughton Trailers it was essentially abandoned by 2009 when the City of Stoughton Redevelopment Authority began investigating the potential purchase of the site to facilitate environmental cleanup and residential redevelopment on a prominent riverfront location adjacent to downtown Stoughton.

Actual end use: The Elven Sted housing development contains 33 housing units, from 700 square foot single bedroom/bathroom apartments to 1450 square foot 3-bedroom 2-bath townhouses. Garages and surface parking are provided for residents. In the commons area of the development, there are shared community vegetable gardens and a rain garden designed to mitigate erosion caused by storm runoff. The development is Wisconsin Green Built certified. Laundry is included in each unit and a computer center is available for all residents to use. The development was completed in November 2011.

City of Stoughton,
381 E Main St, Stoughton, Wisconsin

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